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Liguria coast

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About the Villa

The residency “Il Gattopardo'”comprises the main building with 11 bedrooms, 8 bath-rooms, 5 kitchens and 3 living rooms with fire places. It can accomodate up to 19 guests. The main building is a combination of 3 consecutive old farmhouses which are renovation
The surrounding hills provide you with breathtaking views.
The perfect place for holiday makers.

History farmer house Il Gattopardo

In the winter of 2022, the transformation of a combination of 3 consecutive old farmhouses dating back to 1787 was completed. In the past, these buildings in Cairo Montenotte, Liguria gave shelter to 26 people, cattle and other livestock. Today, after a thorough renovation it meets all the regulations modern requirements while maintaining an atmosphere of an ancient country dwelling.
The stables have become a kitchen, floors have been insulated, the hay stack has been transformed into multiple bedrooms and a new insulated roof was added.

The estate is located in the hills surrounding Cairo Montenotte. The property is a mere 4 minutes drive from the city centre and a 25 minute drive from the Mediterranean. Because of the elevation it remains pleasantly cool in the Summer and there are no mosquitoes!

Floor plan

With a total of 900m² of space there is a a lot of room to gather with 19 guests. You will find 11 bedrooms, 8 bath-rooms,
5 kitchens and 3 living rooms. The house is well equipment and the stunning views make this a great place to enjoy your holidays.



A video of Villa Gattopardo and the views