Villa Il Gattopardo

Great comfort stay with an original atmosphere

This magical place with 11 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms
can accommodate 19 guests

Il Gattopardo

The name of our new residence is ‘Il Gattopardo’, the Leopard. The building is intended as a residence for holiday makers and artists
This spacious farmer house offers you great comfort, privacy and lots of space to wander around.
The property is a mere 25 minute drive from the Mediterranean and 1 hour from Genoa.

The region Liguria

Liguria is in the north of Italy, best known for the Italian Riviera and the city of Genoa. We love the moderate seasons and Spring and Autumn may be the best  times to visit, with plenty of things to do, wonderful places to visit and delicious restaurants to enjoy.

 Cairo Montenotte is one of the larger cities in the area. It is strategically  located between the airports of Genoa (1 hr), Turin (1.5 hrs),  Milano and Nice (2 hrs).
Enjoy villa rent Italy with all the possbility’s nearby.


11 bedrooms
8 bath-rooms
5 kitchens
3 living rooms
Breathtaking views
80,000 m2
25 min to the beach
4 min to city centre
2 Airports nearby

Video of Villa Gattopardo and surroundings


Guest house and artists in residency ‘Il Gattopardo’in Northern Italy

In the winter of 2022, the transformation of a combination of 3 consecutive old farmhouses dating back to 1787 was completed. In the past, these buildings in Cairo Montenotte, Liguria gave shelter to 26 people, cattle and other livestock. Today, after a thorough renovation it meets all the regulations modern requirements while maintaining an atmosphere of an ancient country dwelling.
The stables have become a kitchen, floors have been insulated, the hay stack has been transformed into multiple bedrooms and a new insulated roof was added.

The name of our new residence is ‘Il Gattopardo’, the Leopard. The building is intended as a residence for holiday makers and artists.

The location may be away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby coast and the beaches, and once you are there, you discover a place where time moves more slowly, where you can observe without distraction, get lost in conversation, and enjoy the surroundings of the natural environment together.

Welcome to Il Gattopardo!

Accommodate 40 people?

If you are looking for suitable accommodation for a group of 40 people, we are pleased to offer you two houses that can accommodate your group comfortably.

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40 guests